From the most remote corners of the Earth comes the fuel that makes modern life possible.


At Reena Organics Private Limited, we understand the critical role of preserving and conserving energy resources for a sustainable future. Through our commitment to offering eco-friendly chemical solutions and promoting sustainable practices, we strive to contribute to a better tomorrow for generations to come.

D-230, IPDA

An aliphatic diamine used as a curing agent for epoxy resins, providing enhanced chemical resistance.

UV Additives

Compounds that absorb or reflect UV radiation, protecting coatings from photodegradation and color loss.

SUN Pigments (Organic & Inorganic Pigments)

Pigments offering vibrant colors and excellent durability for various coatings.

Lead Free Pigments

Eco-friendly pigments that provide vibrant colors without the toxic effects associated with lead.


Pigments containing chromium compounds, offering bright, durable colors for coatings and plastics.


Additives that reduce and prevent foam formation in coatings, improving surface appearance and quality.

Anti-Staining Agents

Chemicals that prevent stains from adhering to surfaces, maintaining the aesthetic and integrity of coatings.

Wetting Agents

Surfactants that improve the spread and penetration of coatings on substrates, ensuring uniform coverage.

Dispersing Agents

Additives that enhance the dispersion of pigments in coatings, preventing settling and improving stability.

Water Repellents

Chemicals that impart hydrophobic properties to surfaces, protecting them from water damage and staining.

Rheology Modifiers

Additives that adjust the flow properties of coatings, enhancing application and performance characteristics.

Damp Proofing

Materials or treatments applied to surfaces to prevent moisture penetration and protect from dampness.

Flow/Slip & Levelling Agents

Enhances the flow, slip, and leveling of coatings, defect-free surfaces.

Iron Oxide Pigments

Durable pigments providing a range of earthy colors, commonly used for their stability and opacity.

Titanium Dioxide

A white pigment with high opacity and brightness, widely used to enhance coverage and whiteness in coatings.

Epoxy Resin

A thermosetting polymer used in coatings for its strong adhesive properties and chemical resistance.

UV & Thermal Stabilizer

Additives that protect coatings from degradation due to UV exposure and thermal stress.

Carbon Black

A fine black pigment offering excellent opacity, UV protection, and tinting strength for coatings.

Adipic Acid

A key ingredient in producing nylon and polyurethane, providing flexibility and durability in coatings.

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