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Paint & Coating Industries

Pigments, Dyes, Emulsions, Resin, Hardeners, Specialty additives, light stabilizers, UV absorber Anti Oxidants and Tinting Solution.

Plastic Industries

Pigments, Dyes, Antioxidants, Light Stabilizers, UV absorber, anti scratch, polymer, chain extender, flow modifier and specialty additives.

Leather and Textile

Emulsifiers, acrylic co polymers, homo polymers, Salt of Naphthalene Sulphonic Acid Condensation Product, Chelating Agent, Wetting and Dispersing Agent.


Amines ,Glycols, Intermediates & solvents

Pigment Industries

Emulsifiers, Wetting and Dispersing Agent, Additives,Non Gelling surfactants.


Wetting and dispersing, amines, Surfactants, PIB, & solvents.


MWF, Coolants, Brake fluids and additives, fire resistance Hydraulic Fluids, Cutting Oil Package, Semi Synthetic Packages & many more

Adhesive & Resin mfg

Monomers & Binders

Construction Industry

Pigments for pure blocks , colored Concrete works, water repellent silicons for- Damp Proofing, Brick & Roof Tiles,Stone Strengthener, Cementitious (Fiber), Insulation Materials, Concrete, Easy-to-Clean and Gypsum.

High Voltage Joint cable kit & other industries.

Polyisobutenes, Anti Oxidants and many more

Confectionary Industry

Pigments &Polyisobutenes food grade

Electroplating Chemicals

Raw Material for making Metal surface Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment chemical formulators

Cotionic, Anionic Flocculating agent, Antiscalent, Raw water treatment chemicals

Ceramic Industries

Polymeric Deflocculating Agent, PEG, Flocculating Agent

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